Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Popular Ghanaian Footballer's Wife, Amanda Acquah’s S£X Tape Leaks After Alleged Divorce with Husband! [VIDEO]

Amanda Acquah, whom many are currently referring to as former wife of Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah following an alleged divorce—is in a FRESH trouble; her very disgraceful $extape is now online for all to watch!

Amanda claims her “husband” leaked the tape this time.

Apparently, a tape she sent to Afriyie Acquah when their marriage was flourishing and beautiful has been given to a new Afriyie Acquah’s girlfriend who has leaked it online.

Amanda has threatened suicide and I though that’s taking things to the extreme, but after taking time to watch the leaked video, I was really ashamed for Amanda...and can now understand why she's considering taking her life...

NgNBlog won't post the video here because it is against our editor's policies, but if you truly want to watch it, you can just search for it on Google...but below is a transcript of what happened in the leaked video:

The video starts with Amanda holding one of those long dove deodorants, serving as her d*ldo. She puts it in her mouth to get it all damn wet and then rubs it a little on her nip before taking it straight down there to insert—while saying all kinds of naughty stuff.

Too bad how this lady has always been in the news for negative and woeful stuffs...some ladies really need to borrow some brain, sighs

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