Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Inside New York's Polyamorous Community Headed by a Real Estate Mogul who Hosts Open Sexuality Parties in His $12million Converted Church

Dailymail reports that when 57-year-old Michel Madie arrived in New York in the 1980s, he quickly became one of the biggest names in real estate.

Ever since he has also been part of a growing polyamorous community, hosting open sexuality and swingers party inside one of his most prestigious properties.

The mogul tied the knot with Swedish civil engineering student Rasmus Foyer, 27, in December 2015 at the $12million converted church in Harlem, that has been dubbed the 'Taj Marharlem'.

According to Narrative, one in five guests were current or former lovers of either groom.

After they said 'I do', the party went for another 24 hours, starting with a traditional Algerian dinner, and followed by belly and flamenco dancers, acrobats and a rotation of five gifted DJ's spinning deep house, down-tempo and funk.

Since moving in to the enormous home, Madie has received countless complaints from neighbors who say it is really an unlicensed club. But Madie hasn't let the the issues get in the way of his swanky shindigs.

Photographer Jonathan Alpeyrie followed the married pair around as they entertained guests at their home and went to other parties across the city, filled with couples who have a similar interest.

Polyamory, which derives from the Greek word 'poly' which means many, and the Latin word 'amor' which means love, is a practice of, and desire for intimate relationship involving more than two people with the knowledge and consent of all involved.

Trust and openness is crucial if one desires to integrate and remain within these Poly communities. New York has many Poly groups and subgroups based on personal preferences.

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