Friday, May 27, 2016

Funny, Interesting Memes About Former President Goodluck, Buhari & Tinubu

When Buhari heard that Dasuki stole $2billion military arms fund!

When Goodluck heard that Dasuki has been arrested for stealing $2billion military arms fund

Buhari thinking what to do to former President Goodluck

Tinubu telling Buhari that he told him the other time that Goodluck is a thief

Buhari looking at Tinubu telling him that Goodluck is a thief, and Buhari be like: 
"are you not a bigger thief yourself?"

When Tinubu heard that Buhari called him a corrupt man like other politicians

President Buhari signing former President Goodluck's arrest warrant

When Goodluck heard Buhari has signed his arrest warrant

When Goodluck heard Ijaw youths have warned Buhari not to arrest him!

Goodluck arriving Bayelsa after Ijaw youths warned Buhari never to arrest him

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