Monday, May 2, 2016

Fulani Man Indirectly Mocks Nigerians in Midst of Fulani Herdsmen Suspected Killings of Nigerians! [PHOTOS]

I love the Fulanis...they don't pretend even the Nigerian President who also happens to be a Fulani man...they don't care what Nigerians are talking neither do they care about the sorrows their herdsmen brothers are causing to poor Nigerians living in remote communities and struggling to make ends meet through their peasant farming....yes, that is what it means when in midst of insecurity suspected to arise from increasing community attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen, and what this man thought was the right thing to do was to post a picture of himself and his cows abi cattle, claiming that's his heritage and his pride...see details of his post and more pics below after page cut:

 This is what the Fulani man wrote on his Twitter timelime:
I can give up this city life for this beauty! My heritage my pride!Herding is a legitimate source of livelihood.... 

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