Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fans Blast Banky W for Posting Fake Yeezy Sneakers & Claiming its The Original [Photo]

Yeezys sneakers is a popular sneakers that was inspired by Kim Kardashian's hubby, Kanye West...and ever since Kanye wore the Yeezys, it turned into a global sneakers brand that virtually all men that love going with the trend had no other option but to add it to their wardrobe...but then, Yeezy now has the imitation of the original which cost less than the original...and doesn't really matter to those who still wants to rock the trendy sneakers....since not everyone would be able to spot the difference between the fake Yeezys and the original Yeezys, so our dear RnB singer, Banky W decided to tease his fans by showing off his fake Yeeezys sneakers on his IG page...but little did he know that guys who know the difference between the fake and the original Yeezys will spot him, and guess what happened?


Banky W got his as*s whipped by fans as you can see below after the page cut:

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