Monday, May 16, 2016

EXPOSED: How British Government Plans to Kick Out EU Citizens from UK Using Wicked Brexit Policy!

MILLIONS of European Union citizens could be booted out of the UK if Britain votes to leave the EU, a Home Office minister has warned.

Ministers were asked in the House of Lords whether citizens from the 28-member bloc who have settled in the UK "would be entitled automatically to remain" if Britain chose to ditch the EU.

Government minister Lord Keen of Elie responded by saying: “As set out in the Government’s White Paper: ‘The process for withdrawing from the European Union’, published on 29 February, the withdrawal process is unprecedented.

“No country has ever used Article 50 – it is untested. There is a great deal of uncertainty about how it would work.

“UK citizens get the right to live and work in the other 27 member states from our membership of the EU.

“If the UK voted to leave the EU, the Government would do all it could to secure a positive outcome for the country, but there would be no requirement under EU law for these rights to be maintained.”

But Brexit supporters denounced the warning as "absurd" and called the Government "deeply irresponsible" for trying to "whip up a climate of fear".

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