Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Charter Limousine Driver Films Couple Making Love in His Vehicle - Demands Ransom or Post Video Online, and This Happened!

Suspect charged with molestation after he secretly filmed couple in intimate moment in his vehicle.

A driver has been accused of blackmailing two honeymooners whom he filmed having sex in the tinted cabin of his limousine while driving them around the city.

The Indian newlyweds were visiting Dubai on a four-day honeymoon when the 28-year-old Pakistani limousine driver, M.S., secretly filmed them while they were having sex in his vehicle in February.

Shortly after he dropped them off, the driver sent the Indian husband a small clip of him having sex with his wife in the limousine on WhatsApp and asked him to pay Dh2,000. He threatened to upload the clip on social media if the man failed to pay.

Records said the husband co-operated with Dubai Police and lured M.S. to the honeymooner’s hotel where he was arrested.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of molesting the couple, blackmailing them and abusing the telecommunication system.

M.S. pleaded guilty when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

Prosecutors said the suspect molested the Indian couple by secretly filming them. He was also accused of dishonouring the newlyweds when he forwarded the clip to the husband. He was also accused of misusing the telecommunication system and breaching the couple’s privacy when he filmed them against their will.

“Yes, I did,” he told presiding judge Urfan Omar on Monday.

The husband’s countryman friend claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened when the newlyweds visited Dubai on a four-day honeymoon.

“My friend informed me that after the driver dropped them off at Dubai Mall, the latter messaged him and demanded Dh2,000. He threatened to upload on internet a video of the couple having sex. The husband also told me that M.S. sent him on WhatsApp a short clip of what had happened in the car. I met my friend in the hotel where he stayed and then we reported the matter to the police,” he testified.

A police sergeant claimed to prosecutors that the suspect was lured to the hotel to collect his money where he was caught.

The suspect was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that he filmed the couple at an intersection in Zabeel area.

The trial continues.

- gulfnews

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