Friday, May 20, 2016

Asari Dolubo & Many Nigerians Believe That Chibok Girls Kidnap was a Political SCAM!

Former Niger Delta Militant leader, Asari Dokubo alongside many Nigerians still believe the Chibok Girls kidnap was a politically arranged script to oust the former ruling party, and to instigate the international community against the ex President Goodluck Jonathan and his regime...this has been the debate on social media platforms and on newspaper stands across the nation ever since two rescued teenage girls from the Northeastern Nigerian state of Borno have been announced as some of the abducted Chibok girls...

What's more worrisome to Nigerians is the fact that the rescue of two of the abducted Chibok girls is coming few days ahead of Nigeria's democracy day, and marks one year the incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari took over the office of Nigeria's president with a promise to return the kidnapped girls.

See Asari Dokubo's message below after the page cut:

Now the question is: who is telling the truth in all these drama? Only God knows the truth, and the truth can never be hidden forever!

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