Tuesday, April 19, 2016

She Threatened to Poison Her Boyfriend Because He Cheated on Her - Should He Forgive Her?

According a story circulating on social media, a lady threatened to poison her rich boyfriend because she heard that he impregnated another girl...but later she found out that it was not true...but before then, she had threatened him with poisoning, destroyed his car mirror and cursed him verbally....meanwhile, the boyfriend rented her an apartment at Lekki phase 1, a highbrow area in Lagos, where she and her sick mother are staying...and he also provides for her....and now she has discovered that it was a rumor, she's pleading with the boyfriend who broke up with her for threatening his life and destroying his properties to forgive her and take her back....if you are the guy or he's your brother, will you forgive?

Read the full story below:

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