Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Book "The Kardashian Plan" Blasts Kim K for Wiretapping!

Espionage Exposed In Jenner’s Kardashian Empire?

HSK Exclusive — An insider is spilling word that “Kris Jenner’s jig is up.” Apparent ammunition expected to set it off on the Kardashian camp would be some turnt-up tips collectively detailed in a soon-to-drop book! We’re told “The Kardashian Plan” is the working title. The rings of puppetry pic — depicting Kris Jenner as the puppet master of her KJ collection of dolls — is said to be a “tentative image being considered as the cover.”

The book puts Kim Kardashian on blast for allegedly spying on Ray J by using “a special code to tap phones.” Seems like Wiretapping … Espionage … Eavesdropping … Spying … is all part of “The Kardashian Plan” noted. Just ask Paris Hilton!

“In 1967, the California Legislature passed the so-called “Invasion of Privacy Act,” which uses criminal penalties-the toughest tools government has available-to deter private citizens from invading each other’s privacy.”

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