Monday, April 11, 2016

I Sold My Virginity To Help My Boyfriend Financially, Now He Wants To Dump Me

I am 25 years old i was in a relationship for 2years now and was in love with a guy 25 years also but every time he keep telling me that i should never give my body to another man because his going to marry me and any time that he hears that i give out my virginity to another man it will be over between us....and just last week he was in trouble with his boy friend and his friend was demanding 30 thousand naira from him or else blood will flow.... my boy friend called me and told me to go and find money by all means....if really that i love him, any how so that he wil give to his friend to end the trouble between them. Now i hve gone out to look for money but it leads me to give out my virginity just to surve the problem between my boy friend and his friend......tell me what to do?  His asking me where did i get the money after the problem was surved and his telling me, hope that i still keep my virginity .......pls pals wil i tell him the truth how i get the money or ?

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