Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Caroline Danjuma Confesses She Loves Her Husband Because He's Rich - Defends Serial Cheating Husband!

When money talks, bullshit walks! If money grew on the tree, so many women will definitely marry a MONKEY to help them pluck the money!

Just in case you don't know, Nollywood actress, Caroline’s billionaire husband, Musa Danjuma has been accused, several times of having multiple extra-marital affairs, and fathering a child with a mistress.

According to law of elasticity, when an elastic material is stretched beyond its elastic limit, what happens? It breaks! So it seems Caroline Danjuma has reached her elastic limit in this serial cheating marriage as her husband's latest mistress called her on phone to warn her to leave her man (Caroline's husband) alone or face her wrath...hehe.....read Caroline's personal speech on this below after cut:

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