Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Downfall of Kim Kardashian Has Just Began: Australians Call Her SL*UT [PHOTOS]

Some days ago, reality TV star turned queen of indecency, Kim Kardashian out of her desperateness to remain popular on social media networks across the world, took to her Instagram and Twitter accounts to post a disgusting naked selfie of herself, which got the whole world talking as the internet broke down not in good mood but in anger of Kim K's frequent bombarding of the internet with her now too common manufactured body.....if you missed the show, check it HERE.

And when the criticisms were landing on Kim K's face, it came mostly from her American fans and fellow celebrities, who used the opportunity to talk down on Kim K who didn't show any remorse but went ahead today, Kim K woke up to the reality of her life as an Australian artist took his whole time to paint a mural of kim k's infamous selfie that got the world talking....

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After news of the mural spread across the Australian media, some vandals decided the last thing they wanted to see on their way to work was a painting of Kim’s plastic body. So they got some paint and viciously destroyed the mural! They even added the word “slut” across her va-jay-jay!

Definitely....Kim K's reputation is sinking down fast....and with her hubby's sinking finances....this once famous celebrity couple maybe on their way to sudden downfall!

We at will be here to celebrate their downfall as we have been celebrating their uprising and foolery....stay with ngnblog.....


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