Sunday, March 20, 2016

OMG! Late Michael Jackson's 17-year Old Daughter Dating 26-year-old Racist? [PHOTO]

Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave, because the legend’s daughter, Paris, is now hooking up with a 26-year-old alleged racist!

See proof below after page cut:

Paris turns 18 next month, but her new man, Michael Snoddy, didn’t hesitate to start a relationship with her while she was underage. But these kind of romances always get a pass in Hollyweird…just ask Tyga.

But someone in the Jackson family needs to have a sit down with Paris. Because not only is this grown ass man dating a teenager, he has an obsession with the confederate flag!

To top it all off, the lead singer of Pantera came under fire for having concertgoers scream “White Power” and doing the Nazi salute during their recent performance…and guess who was front and center at this racist ass concert? Paris’ boyfriend, of course!

A photo posted by Michael Snoddy (@michaelsnoddy) on

Is Paris trying to get rid of her biracial roots and pass as white?

Maybe if Jermaine wasn’t too busy getting his ass kicked, he could step in and knock some sense into this child.


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