Thursday, March 17, 2016

Names & Photos Of Children of Top Nigerian Politicians That Got Employed into CBN via Illegal Recrutiment

Earlier today, we broke a news of how Nigeria's apex bank; Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) engage in secret recruitment made for children and family members of top Nigerian politicians, including those currently in power.....if you missed it, check it HERE Courtesy of SaharaReporters

In this fresh post...we want to show you names of the top Nigerian politicians who used their political power and connection in Federal government to smuggle in their children and relatives into CBN instead of using the billions of dollars they have stolen from the Nigerian people's commonwealth to establish a company and let their lazy, unintelligent children manage to failure.

See the full list of the beneficiaries of the scam CBN recruitment below after page cut:

Sahara Reporters broke the news of Central Bank of Nigeria's alleged illegal hiring of 91 people, there have been mixed to negative reactions from all Nigerians, though I expect a nationwide protest because this is not the first and won't be the last...NNPC is worst. 

In the midst of the ongoing debates, names of alleged beneficiaries of the illegal hires are beginning to emerge. Recall that CBN allegedly often went to great lengths, including tweaking the names of recruits, in order to hide the identities of beneficiaries of politically motivated recruitment.

Often the CBN used the beneficiaries’ first names and their father’s middle names to hide their real identities. For instance, the bank listed Maryam Atiku as “Maryam Abubakar.”

After this news broke out....out of anger and frustration....these people in power who claim they want to bring change to all Nigerians while fooling Nigerians just to enrich their pockets and amass wealth for their unborn generation, ordered an urgent search of all CBN staff's computers in search of the staff that leaked this dear info to the public.

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