Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Man 'Caught Pants Downs Trying to Rape 8-year-old Girl' [Photos]

A MAN who was allegedly caught trying to rape an eight-year-old girl was stripped naked and paraded around his village in an attempt to publicly shame him.

Footage of the man being forced to walk through the town sees him dragged from the scene and tied up with a rope.

The baying mob reluctantly hand him over to a police officer after being pulled by a rope for eight blocks.

Once at the police car, a policewoman takes the rope off, handcuffs him and bundles him still naked into the police car, whilst people gather round and shout insults at him.

"Next time we will kill you", one man can be heard shouting, whilst a woman says: "Degenerate! Tie him to the back of the car."

The boy was handcuffed by a policewoman

The baying mob shout as the alleged rapist is led away by police
The incident happened in the neighbourhood of Santa Brigida on the outskirts of San Miguel, in the east Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

The images were uploaded by some of the locals on social media with the caption: "The neighbours of the community have done justice when we apprehended a criminal who was about to rape a little girls of just 8 years, and we handed him over to police who we hope will get justice for the innocent girl."

It's unconfirmed what action the authorities will take against the man or what evidence locals had to humiliate before they stripped him off.

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