Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ISIS Threatens to Attack More European Countries After Successful Bloody Attack on Belgium

Extremists behind the Brussels attacks have warned of more strikes against anti-Islamic State allies after bombers killed at least 34 people and wounded many others.

The back-to-back bombings of Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek underground station again laid bare Europe’s vulnerability to suicide squads.

IS later warned of further attacks, issuing a communique promising “dark days” for countries taking part in the coalition against the terror group.

Bloodied and dazed travellers staggered from the airport after two explosions – at least one blamed on a suicide attacker and another apparently a suitcase bomb – tore through crowds checking in for morning flights.

About 40 minutes later, another rush-hour blast ripped through a train carriage in central Brussels as it left Maelbeek, in the heart of Belgium’s capital.

Authorities released a CCTV photo of three men pushing luggage trolleys in the airport, saying two of them apparently were suicide bombers and that the third, dressed in a light-coloured coat, black hat and glasses, was at large. They urged the public to contact police if they recognised the man.

(Belgian Federal Police/PA)

The two men believed to be the suicide attackers were wearing dark gloves on their left hands, possibly to hide detonators.

In police raids across Belgium, authorities later found a nail-filled bomb, chemical products and an IS flag in a house in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood.

In its claim of responsibility, IS said its members detonated suicide vests both at the airport and in the metro station, where many passengers fled to safety down dark tunnels filled with hazy smoke from the explosion. A small child wailed and commuters used mobile phones to light their way out in one piece of footage from the tunnels.

The Belgian government said at least 11 people were killed at the airport and 20 on the tube. Later, a security official said the overall death toll had risen to 34.

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