Friday, March 4, 2016

Girl Sends Her Family a Selfie and You Won't Believe What was Discovered in Photo Background [PHOTOS]

A SELFIE has gone viral after a mystery girl accidentally sent her family the snap... with two sex toys hiding in the background.

The photo was supposed to be an innocent selfie for her family.

But the poor lady was SHOCKED when she later found out what's in selfie background.

See for yourself below after page cut:

After snapping herself in front of her bathroom mirror, the girl sent the photo to her brother and parents.

But unfortunately for her, she’d forgotten to remove two sex toys from above the toilet.

Her brother was very entertained by the blunder.

But rather than keep the joke private, he decided to share the image on sharing site Imgur.

The text message grabs begin with the woman sending a picture to a text message group, which has been titled 'fam'.

She explains she’s just styled her hair before heading off to an interview.

Her brother starts poking fun at her ‘freckles’ and ‘weird face’, not spotting the two sex toys in the background.

But the mystery girl soon spots her error, quickly texting her brother: “OK mayday mayday, That pic I just sent has not one but two dildos in it.”

Her brother tells her he’s going to post the image on Imgur and it’s proved hugely popular.

One user commented: “I thought they were curling irons or hair brushes.”

Another joked: “I feel like this is a Great Moment in Sibling History.”

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