Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EXPOSED: How Nigerian Ladies Visit Herbalists for Charms to Attract & Milk Rich Men!

All men reading this post should not take this lightly...don't claim that you don't believe in African juju or charms...don't even try...this is true life story happening everyday as you read this!

As usual, a reader of ngnblog sent in this shocking revelation to us to publish in order to warn every Nigerian and foreign man out there to be very cautious with some desperate Nigerian ladies using romance and their body to destroy men and milk their pocket dry.

The message is short, but packed with enough info to help you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Read what the sender sent to us below after page cut:

Someone recently showed me a place at Oshodi in Lagos State....an unsuspecting corner along Bolade Oshodi road, where Nigerian ladies of all class go to get charms (a.k.a African juju or jazz) to hypnotize Nigerian men and make their male victims (mostly the rich and buoyant Nigerian men and foreign expatriates working in big firms; Oyimbo) to be spending huge amount of money on them, buying them expensive luxury cars, houses and marrying them if they are single and wish to settle down with their male victim.

Usually, I don't believe in things like this...I always wave it aside as mumbo jumbo stories because I try not to believe in anything charms or juju, just so I don't get obsessed or overwhelmed by their evil acts.

As usual, I doubted the guy that leaked this info to me, so he told me that no need to argue, that I should prepare anyday that I will be chanced so that he could take me to the place to see things for myself.

Finally, we fixed a date....I just agreed to go with him just for the fun of it....no big deal.

We sat at one corner, a beer parlor close to the area to spy, and honestly, I couldn't believe my eyes....i saw very classy, pretty ladies that you will never believe could visit such an unclean place, dash in in their luxury cars, some came with taxi as a guise, probably to avoid being identified by someone that knows them...the spy guy also told me that some very rich and famous ladies don't usually come on their own, they usually send someone to get the charm for them or they come themself if the situation is tough and vital to them.

The spy guy also told me that most of the Baba's customers are UNILAG students, working class ladies living on Lagos Island, Lekki, etc...who wants to attract rich men that will end up lavishing money on them, mostly in millions.

He further explained that if I notice, most beautiful, fair Nigerian ladies hardly stop to pay attention to an average Nigerian guy trying to chat them up for a possibly friendship or date...that these ladies only visit highbrow areas of Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, etc where they know very rich and famous Nigerian men go to....and that any guy that's not driving an expensive car can't ever get their attention...and that they hate any guy that doesn't own a car because it is a taboo to them. He explained so many things to me because he said he has plenty of them as close friends and confidant.

I was speechless watching these ladies come to collect charms to destroy men's lives! 

Guys please it's no longer a joke, please be careful and prayerful! Watch your ways...these ladies are destroying so many men's lives on daily basis....some end up poisoning, killing their male lovers and presumed husbands for money.....some bring bad luck to the men they have sex with.....some will bring downfall and financial hardship on the man....even untimely death.

Mind the girls you go out with, date or marry. Be vigilante in prayer and live a good life oh, it pays. Una bye bye


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