Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dirty Open Secret: Comedian AY is Forcing His Wife not to Divorce Him? [PHOTOS]

Many people are yet to believe the news we reported some weeks ago about AY's marriage that's about to hit the rocks due to issues bothering around infidelity...which the couple tried to shut down with arranged pictures of them faking up smiles to fool their fans....but unfortunately for AY, the just concluded AMVCA 2016 awards held in Lagos recently further exposed the fact that the couple are really not can see that in the pictures above and below....see the gap between the presumed happy couples in a crucial photo shoot like this?

I can see AY trying to draw closer to his estranged wife, Mabel who's no doubt, not really happy posing with her supposed comedian hubby....okay, whatever it's none of my business...I am only reporting what I just observed....mbok!

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