Monday, March 14, 2016

Angelina Jolie Sacks Her Nanny for Flirting with Her Husband Brad Pitt - Threatens Divorce After Naked Romp?

Angelina Jolie fired one of the many nannies employed by Brad Pitt and her after the actress engaged in a scream fest over flirting with her husband recently. Allegedly, after Aneglina Jolie’s yelling and screaming stopped the nanny found herself unemployed. Has Angelina threatened to divorce Brad over what may be another Hollywood power couple nanny gate?

Angelina and Brad’s relationship has received its fair share of attention even before they married in 2014. Brad and Angelina always seem to be on the brink of divorce. Especially since the flop of the movie “By the Sea” which some say hit too close to home.

The always exciting National Enquirer reports that this time speculation about a divorce involves Brad flirting and strutting around nearly naked in front of a domestic employee who takes care of the couple’s six kids.

A source revealed to NE that a “stunning staffer’s intentions were hot and heavy” towards Brad. That didn’t sit well with Angelina who wasted no time confronting this woman. The nanny then was ordered to pack her bags, get out and never come back.

Warning to anyone woman who wants to work for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – do not get too close to Brad! Angelina is a jealous sort and puts all the employees through a “very strict filtering process.” Once you jump through all the hoops and pass all the tests, if Angelina thinks you’re flirting with her man you are out!

The insider says that Angelina “doesn’t think anything happened between them, but she noticed the nanny was always at the pool when Brad was there.”

Not only did Brad get a little too friendly with the nanny, apparently someone spotted him in Germany getting cozy with an unknown blonde beauty.

Was this just a case of Brad Pitt giving Angelina Jolie a taste of her own medicine? As recently reported, Angelina was flirting up a storm with a young cameraman who is a Brad Pitt lookalike on the set of her new movie “First They Killed My Father.”

One insider thinks the marriage is over. The couple is allegedly leading completely separate lives while they are off work on different continents on their own films and projects. An insider says Angelina and Brad “try to make sure they’re in the same place, but it’s so difficult.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could be headed to divorce after a decade together, nearly two years of marriage, three biological children, three adopted children and $480 million in assets.

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