Wednesday, February 17, 2016

UK Government is Not Doing Enough to Stop Polio Meningitis in UK - See Heartbreaking Proof [PHOTOS]

On Valentine's Day little Faye Burdett lost her battle for life after bravely fighting the disease for two weeks. Faye was 2 years when she died as a result of Polio Meningitis.

Read more of her heartbreaking story after the page cut:

According UK Mirror, a grief-stricken mother who lost her two-year-old daughter to meningitis has shared a horrific photograph of her dying child to campaign for a change in government policy.

Faye Burdett's brave parents want the world to see what this awful disease does to children and have given permission for their friend to share this photo to raise awareness.

It shows the tiny tot covered in a rash hooked up to a ventilator and other hospital equipment.

Her parents, Jenny and Neil, took Faye to A&E with a rash on her forehead and she was diagnosed with meningitis.

Her condition rapidly deteriorated after she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of February.

Her heart stopped in the ambulance to the Evelina London Children's Hospital and doctors managed to revive her. She was given a one per cent survival rate but then started to improve.

Read the full story here

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