Monday, February 29, 2016

SHOCKING VIDEO: Elephant Goes Angry During Indian Festival, Destroys Things, Throwing Trucks and Motorbikes

A video has emerged of an elephant who goes on a rampage in India - trampling vehicles and throwing them around.

Kalidassan - the elephant - was parading with 11 other pachyderms during a festival in Pulappatta in Kerala in southern India when he ran amok, rampaging through the streets.

He did not attack people and no one was injured but the elephant did smash at least 20 vehicles including motorbikes, autorickshaws and vans.

After four hours, animal squad personnel brought the elephant under control.

A local visitor captured the horrifying scene on their mobile phone.

Recalling the frightening moments, Kumar Mangalam who narrowly escaped the elephant’s attack, said: "The elephants were parading outside the temple when suddenly the elephant started running. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere of merriment turned into chaos. People started running helter-skelter.

"The elephant was running blindly and throwing away everything coming on his way like toys. It also charged at us but luckily we escaped his wrath as he started hitting at a bike".


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