Thursday, February 18, 2016

Psquare to Split Over Money Sharing Issues?

From all indications since last year, it seems the end of the music stage name 'Psquare' is about to go to the dust as the family issue between the one-time united family lingers and even goes dirty with Peter Okoye of Psquare coming out openly to disgrace his elder brother, Jude Okoye who we learnt put in his best efforts to ensure they became who they are in entertainment today.

To make matters worse....Paul Okoye of Psquare also took to social media to throw his weight behind his battered elder brother/manager, Jude as Peter refused to back down on his public shaming of his elder brother and manager, Jude....but it seems Paul's support for Jude has fueled yet a serious battle between the twin brothers who are likely to split since Peter said he's no longer interested in doing family business; referring to his elder brother, Jude who happens to be their music manager for years now, while Paul his twin reacted by saying that if you @Peter isn't interested in doing family business anymore...then who am I to you? Which means they are likely going to go solo....oh how sad it is to lose a sweet mother and strong father....the two strings holding the family together are gone and now this is the outcome barely after few years of their parents' demise.

People are already accusing Peter's wife, Lola Omotayo as being the engineer behind this cinema display....and our suspicion grew bigger last year when Peter launched his own music talent haunt show....."Dance with Peter" and everyone thought it was cool...not knowing that Peter had been planning this fans have no other option but to prepare for the shocker.....the SPLIT OF THE PSQUARE!

Let's sit back and watch things unfold......

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