Monday, February 22, 2016

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe is 92 Today: See His Birthday Cake Here [PHOTOS]

Mugabe Mugabe! The oldest president and also the longest serving president in the whole world...what a ridiculous record...Lol.....according to nationalhelm, Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, marked his 92nd birthday with massive celebrations. The cake was given to Mr Mugabe in a ceremony organised by his staff this morning.

His birthday was yesterday and he has planned another massive celebration costing an estimated $1m (£700,000) for next week amid the country's widespread drought. Public celebrations will be held on Feb. 27 in the southeastern city of Masvingo, near the historic site of Great Zimbabwe.

Mugabe's birthday has been publicly celebrated since 1986 and while political leaders would not divulge the budget for this year's party, in the past the event has cost up to $1 million for the transportation, accommodation and food for thousands of guests.

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