Tuesday, February 9, 2016

OMG! Tyga's Transgender Girlfriend Releases More Text Msgs: You Ruined My Life [PHOTO]

If Tyga thought the rumors about his tranny love affair had died down, he was wrong. Mia Isabella, the transgender porn star who outed the rapper last year is back at it with some brand new text messages from the bi-curious (gay?) rapper.
The messages are pretty harmless, they just show the couple making plans to meet up and smash. But it’s Mia’s caption that has everyone talkin’.

So, basically, Tyga threatened to commit suicide to get Mia to shut up. Maybe if he wasn’t so broke, he could have paid her to go away.
Mia does make a point though, if Tyga were honest about his lifestyle, none of this would be making the news. The secret holds the power, Tyga. Set it free!

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