Friday, February 5, 2016

OMG! Reggie Bush Confirms Kim K's Stanky P***y I can see that truly all that glitters isn't really gold and diamond....This week we dropped the audio of Ray J confirming Kim Kardashian is sitting on a musty, stanky pussy. And now we have even more proof of Kim’s funky box!

An old Instagram post from Kim’s former flame, Reggie Bush, was uncovered. In the post, Reggie posts a meme that reads, “I know you’re the one because the smell of your vagina doesn’t make me gag.”
Basically, Reggie was comparing the freshness of his wife Lilit Avagyan’s va-jay-jay to the putrid kitty kat Kim K is walking around with.

If two of your exes are complaining about the funk that’s emitting from between your legs, you’ve got a problem!

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