Monday, February 29, 2016

Nigeria's Female Finance Minister: a Victim Of Arab Islamic Intimidation [SHOCKING Photos]

As written by a very observant Nigerian:

As a minister in the Federal Cabinet of Nigeria signing a bilateral agreement on behalf of Nigeria in Qatar,tradition demands that She(Kemi Adeosun) is accorded the same respect as the President as her presence carries as much authority with the President.

Under no circumstances should a person of her capacity be subjected to conform to the cultural/religious practice of the host country.

Kemi Adeosun is a Nigerian Minister visiting Qatar,she is a foreigner,therefore she is not bound by Qatari laws or culture which can't be enforced on her.

It is utmost disrespect for her person and Nigeria as a nation to see her subjected to covering her hair to please Qatari officials.This attempt of cowardice to Qatari Islamic custom denigrates the office of the Minister of Finance and totally against Global Practice.

Madam Kemi Adeosun,next time you find yourself in an Arab nation,refuse vehemently to cover your hair,their laws are not binding on you.You are their visitor and your person must be respected.

This is America's Condolisa Rice....she didn't cover her hair and the Arabs respected her still....

This is America's Hilary Clinton...she didn't cover her hair and the Arabs respected her...why Nigeria?

This is German Chancellor Angela Merkel...she didn't cover her hair and the Arabs respected her still...why treat a Nigerian female minister differently?

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