Monday, February 8, 2016

Nicole Kidman's Husband DUMPS Her For Jennifer Lopez Because She Removed Her Brest Implants?

Is Keith Urban hooking up with Jennifer Lopez after his wife, Nicole Kidman had her breast implants removed? Will Nicole Kidman lose Keith Urban to the curvy American Idol judge?

According to a new report from NE, Nicole Kidman has been on a big health kick where she is trying to be completely natural, as in no foreign things in her body. A pal revealed, “She doesn’t want anything that could be toxic inside her body.”

So they revealed that Nicole opted to reverse the implants that she allegedly got two years ago.
Nicole Kidman’s friend says of the whole implant situation, “She was so proud of them at the time, and loved to show off her figure in sexy dresses. But Nic decided to reverse the procedure late last year.”

If Keith Urban is like the average guy when it comes to a nice rack, he can’t be too happy about the situation. According to the NE source, “Keith is suddenly taking an interesting J. Lo again. And she is lapping up the attention. It could spell disaster for Nic and Keith’s marriage!”

Yes. Anyone with eyes knows that Nicole Kidman is a slender beauty without a lot meat on her bones much less curves. On the opposite side of the spectrum would be Jennifer Lopez who has more curves than a winding road through the jungle.

And if Keith Urban wants to behave like an average guy, he’d go for a ride through that curvy jungle. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t go down that route and stays faithful to Nicole.

Do you think that Jennifer Lopez would steal Keith Urban away from Nicole Kidman? Do you think that J. Lo is in that much need of attention that she would stoop so low? How would she handle her boy toy, Casper Smart?

Keep your eye on the chemistry between Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez when you’re watching American Idol, The Farewell Season and maybe you’ll be able to read between the lines if there really is anything going on. And if you have any unusual sitings of Casper Smart on set, we will know someone is feeling a little insecure.

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