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NgNBlog Feature of The Day: Exclusive Interview with 247NewsUpdate Blog

Hello dear readers, fans, secret followers and well-wishers of NgNBlog, welcome to yet another beautiful Wednesday in the month of love…today, we have a very special guest in the house…a young and vibrant blogger, working hard to ensure Nigerians and foreigners are well-informed with the latest happenings in and outside Nigeria through micro information sharing on the internet. Our blogger of the day is no other person but Agwah Michael Sledge…what a lovely name combo…

May we meet you please?

First and foremost, I want to thank the crew of the NgN Blog for finding 247NewsUpdate Blog worthy, of being featured for an interview, amongst others in the blogosphere. The recognition is heartwarming and genuinely appreciated.
 My name is Agwah Michael Sledge and I'm the founder/owner of 247NewsUpdate Blog (

Thank you Sledge, we at NgNBlog are delighted to feature you too, we enjoy reading your blog, and we always look forward to an update from you. Please can you give us a brief explanation of who you are, and what inspired you to start a blog?

I am an entrepreneur, researcher, social critic, political analyst and human rights activist.

Well, I started a Google-hosted blog (blogspot) first in the year 2011 in order to publicize my import business, goods and also my articles (and news too) but I hardly had the time to put up contents on the blog which make the blog look like the work of a lacklustre kid (which I wasn't though).  
In 2012, due to several malfunctions and sort, the blog was shut down and I couldn't get access to it nor could it appear when the URL was tried. These problems made me almost overlook blogging but I just felt like I could do better so during the later months of 2012, I started a new blog, by name Sledge Retailers (, to showcase my goods. This means got me lots of customers and made me quite known in the retail business (it made me a whole lot of money too).  
However, a malfunction cost me all of my contents and access to the blog again. This left me dismayed. This time around, I wasn't ready to take it lightly so I tried all I could till I regained access to the blog. All these while, I hardly focused on putting up news contents or any of my articles (I sent most of my articles to magazines and newspapers for publication) and I really wanted a news platform (on which I could also place my articles).  
After all these, I was quite disheartened and also hardly even had the time to put up my contents about my goods on the blog so it just lay stagnant. 
In 2014, I regained inspiration and started a WordPress-hosted blog (this time around, a news blog) which is the 247NewsUpdate Blog and it has kept striving ever since. Though I have quite a busy schedule, I have made it a point of duty to always update the blog daily (God in heaven knows it ain't easy but I try).

Oh, that's you have been around since 2011...that's cool...shows you are consistent and not like some bloggers that start today and flee what should readers expect from your blog in the next 12 months from now?

They should always expect legit news from legit sources

That's a very clear goal...lovely. You know, there are too many blogs online now, and more are springing up on daily basis such that one would not be wrong to say that we are in the blog revolution era, so what makes your blog unique from other Nigerian blogs out there?

Well, truthfully speaking, a blog of the news/information niche is hardly unique but I try hard to get legit news from around the globe (though sometimes, I focus more on war-riddled nations) and I think that's something to be accoladed about. Also, I have researched on hundreds of blogs worldwide and I'm yet to find any with the same theme (even though it ain't a customized one) so I think it's quite something unique too.

Oh, great! Great I must confess...and oh yeah, your blog's theme deserves an accolade like you said, and that shows how good you are in coding and all that, let me spare that for another day. We know every blog and news site copy from one another, but then, it is a good practice to always reference or give credit to the original owner of any news, article, information or gossip you post on your blog or website just as we at NgNBlog do, how often do you give credit to the original owner of an information you share on your blog?

I try my possible best to always give credit to the source(s) of news articles but in a scenario where such news is all over the media and its source can't be accurately traced, I just rephrase the news article and give credit to no one.

Okay, that's good to know that you do reference your source of information in your blog posts, please do keep it up, it is a good and safe practice. Going forward, I am aware that not all bloggers started their blog to make money, but then, we can’t deny the fact that we do expect to earn some sort of reward from our active blogging along the line, in that case, we would love to know on average, how much you earn from your blog in a month, I think this will motivate some other upcoming bloggers reading this.

Bloggers mostly gain from AdSense and other advertising platforms (which if you check my blog, you'll discover its absence though I hope to add them later on) and having none of those, it could be believed that I earn nothing from the blog.  
However, I have other revenue-generating avenues from where I draw a medium stipend (not as much as several top blogs but quite alright though). Sadly, I can't disclose them and I hope I can be pardoned for that.

NgNBlog: is quite understandable...we Nigerians don't love exposing our main source of income and true avoid EFCC sudden invite, lol...Now, our last question for you today Mr. Sledge may sound awkward, but then…we can’t run away from asking you this interesting question….did you start blogging because you heard Linda Ikeji was making millions from blogging, and you wanted to make your own millions like Linda? 

That last question, awkward as it sounds, must be asked because, if sincerity must be prioritized, hundreds of blogs started after Linda moved into her multi-million Banana Island mansion. I know of someone who keeps bugging me (and others) that he intends to start up a blog and the only yardstick he has for that is the Linda mansion saga. 
Anyway, to answer the question, I will use this popular saying, "Before Abraham, Jesus was". Not in the sense that I began blogging before Linda (because I don't really know when she started) but in the sense that I started blogging before she even acquired her Range Rover. 

Thank you once again Mr. Sledge of 247NewsUpdateBlog for honoring our invite to feature you on NgNBlog weekly Nigerian blog feature...we really enjoyed our time with you and would love to have you again someday...and we want to also use this opportunity to encourage fans and readers to always check 247NewsUpdateBlog on daily basis for legit news around the world as you can see....Mr. Sledge has promised to ensure that he shares only legit news on his expect nothing less.

On this note, we call it a day today...and to all other blog owners out there reading, you can be the next....our crew go around *torchlighting to know which blog to feature...but if you would love to be featured on our next interview....kindly send us a mail to: with the subject: "Blogger Interview", and we will reply as soon as possible with the criteria, thank you. 

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