Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lessons to Learn from Olajumoke The Agege Bread Seller's Story

The name ‘Olajumoke Orisaguna’ is now synonymous to unspeakable favor, thanks to TY Bello’s photoshoot at Agege where the popular ‘Agege bread’ seller cum supermodel’s life story changed from grass to amazing grace.

I am aware that many Nigerian adults and youths alike have been wondering and asking their God or god why? I am also aware that many still think it was a TY Bello’s planned stunt, but to those...I saw WAKE UP!

If you are among those asking God why He hasn’t remembered you or like the now popular slang would put it; ‘picked your call’, then, this article will open your eyes to some of the reasons why it may seem like God or nature hasn’t answered your call for help, so relax and read on...

I won’t base this write-up on any religious doctrine...though I may cite some Bible scenarios without quoting verse as a way of buttressing some of my points herein.

Today, everyone is wowed by Olajumoke’s grace-to-grass story, including foreigners who really don’t understand what it means for a young person full of life, to take the hard, maybe shameful route of hawking local bread around the streets of her area of residents, just to put food on her family’s table.

It is not as if Olajumoke Orisaguna is the only ‘Agege bread’ seller in Agege talk more of Lagos, but I can boldly say that she played some key roles in positioning herself for God’s divine favor through TY Bello, and you may ask how?

How many beautiful ladies in Nigeria today between the age range of: 19 – 35, living in a big city like Lagos State would cheerfully agree to marry a man that can’t comfortably provide three-square meals for her and her kids?

How many beautiful or will I say good-looking ladies in Nigeria today that fall in the age range of Olajumoke Orisaguna would agree to hawk ‘Agege bread’ in their neighborhood just to put food on her family’s table without cursing the day her parents and husband was born?
How many ‘Agege bread’ sellers dress neatly and of course admirably when going for their normal daily ‘Agege bread’ street hawking business?

Do you know that if Olajumoke had dressed shabbily because she thinks she doesn’t deserve to look good since she’s just an ‘Agege bread’ seller, I am very sure that TY Bello wouldn’t have noticed her to talk of allowing her feature in her photoshoot?

Lesson to learn: 
No matter your life’s situation presently, no matter how bad life is treating you, please always look good and dress smart. I still remember with joy, the very first day I met a local mechanic putting on coverall and safety boot while fixing people’s cars...I was so amazed, I had to strike a conversation with him to know if he was a graduate doing mechanic work to survive as a result of increasing graduate unemployment in the country, but to my greatest surprise, he dropped out of school while still in primary school, but guess what he told me:

“Oga, me I like to de look neat o because I never marry na, and I no even get girlfriend because fine girls no de gree follow mechanic na, them say mechanic people na dirty people, and na true o, some of my people de disgrace us no be small, them go wear clothe weh them use work for over two weeks, and e go de smell o, them no send, na money them send, nothing else, so me wan de different o even though say I no go school”

His words almost made tears drop down from my eyes...I couldn’t hold it, I had to leave, so I encouraged him and bid him goodbye...but anytime I remember him, I smile...

What am I saying? Don’t allow your present life’s condition to frustrate you into living a sad, dirty life...because you don’t who is watching you...and your God sent helper may pass you out of anger, or your shabby look may scare him or her away.

Lesson number 2:
The Bible said: whatever your hand finds, do it well...be diligent in your work...don’t joke or play with your work...no matter how irrelevant or unpromising that job or work maybe...take it serious and commit your mind and energy to it, and God and nature will favor you one day.

Don’t be idle...find something to do with your time...don’t spend your whole time gossiping or hating on successful people...don’t spend your whole time in Church or Mosque...you need to have something doing (no matter how small) to be blessed.

Many people have chosen the easy route to success like engaging in internet scam, a.k.a yahoo-yahoo simply because they are inpatient with life..and even after making so much money, most of these yahoo-yahoo boys refuse to invest and decamp from their ill-business, instead they continue living fake flamboyant life with someone’s hard earned money...they use it to impress and attract pretty girls who also want easy money and flashy life.

Also, some have decided not to work hard or make effort in life simply because their pastor or evangelist told them that they don’t need to work hard to make it in life...but only need to be righteous and watch God miraculously bless them through someone, but how? You must sow seed to reap a harvest...you can’t spend your whole time in Church praying for a miracle wealth or money...yes, God can do all things...God can bless people miraculously without stress...but God also told us to be diligent in our works....that we should cast our net into the sea...prayer without action is a waste...Elijah was hungry and needed food badly, so he prayed...and after Elijah prayed...the Holy spirit directed him to the house of the widow of zarephath who was saving her last corn to eat with her son before the famine begins.

God can send down food for Elijah, but God still directed Elijah to the widow in order to bless her...and the widow allowed God to use her.

Yes, Ecclesiastes said in one of its verses that the race is not for the swift nor for the wise, but of the Lord that showeth mercy, but then...when Jesus Christ was choosing his disciples, he made sure all of them have something doing to earn a living...Jesus didn’t tell Peter to quit fishing, but rather showed him how to get more fishes.

Many ladies are single today going from one Church to another seeking for prayers and spending their entire time in different churches with no hand work...whereas some that have handwork or job have neglected their handwork in search of husband, in the belief that once they find a rich or financially bouyant husband which is what most are praying for in church, that the miracle husband will now take total charge of their life, providing them all those things they dream of in life, from luxury house, cars, clothes to luxury lifestyle.

But these ladies forget that if they concentrate in their job, handwork...or trade, a man will find them diligent in their work and desire to work together with them to establish a home....

This is also applicable to guys...you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, have breakfast, bathe, arrange your Phyno-inspired hair, wear your Olamide-inspired dress and put on your Wizkid’s chain...and off to your homie’s place...and you guys start to gist about pretty women...how to catch the prettiest girl in town...how to hammer money miraculously without working hard....and then the spiritual ones head straight to their Church or Mosque to pray for unmerited favor without placing yourself for the favor by finding something to do diligently.

Now, if you look at the background of that first picture TY Bello shared of Olajumoke carrying bread she was hawking...it was kind of dark...showing that the day was almost getting over, and still Olajumoke persevered and kept hawking probably praying to get just one more customer to enable her make some profit to buy food stuff for her family....but never did she know that God was watching her.

Another lesson to learn: 
Don’t give up in life too easily...learn to persevere even at the dire minute. Don’t quit until you succeed. Don’t give up until success finds you. Commit your mind, energy and all to whatever you are doing right now...your story maybe the next...

In the words of Bishop TD Jakes, he said and I quote:

God will bless you through people. He can use somebody that's not in your tribe to bless you. If you don't recognize it you can sabotage it.

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