Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Jenner Furious at Kanye West For Tarnishing Kardashian Image?

Kris Jenner is fed up with Kanye West’s insane behavior, that’s not a secret. But is the momager demanding that Kim Kardashian file for divorce? And is Kim seeking sole custody with supervised visitation for Kanye with North West and Saint West?

Yes, we all know Kanye has knack for pushing the envelope way too far. In the past the cray-cray was laughed at and glossed over as West’s overwhelming need to be front and center 24/7. No one on the planet should get more attention than Kanye, not even Kim, right?

A source talked to Star magazine and revealed that Kris believes Kanye is one very disturbed individual. Kris wants to bring in a spin doctor, crisis manager, someone who can fix the ginormous public relations mess Kanye has caused.

Despite all the bad publicity the Kardashians’ have received in the past, Kris Jenner truly believes that Kanye has “tarnished the Kardashian brand” beyond repair. Kanye has managed to do more damage to the Kardashian name than anyone else?

Not only is Kris Jenner worried that the Kardashian empire is teetering on the brink of being completely irrelevant, Kris is terrified that West is draining Kim’s reported $85 million fortune at an alarming rate. Kanye West has access to Kim Kardashian’s money? Apparently West does, and often spends ridiculous amounts of money to fund his various projects.

Kanye has siphoned off millions of Kardashian dollars an insider disclosed. Kim didn’t even know it Kanye was digging deep into her back accounts until Kardashian’s accountants gave Kim the bad news.

Those close to Kim and Kris reveal that the two have put their heads together and are trying to figure out how to fix this latest mess. If Kanye doesn’t clean up his act and get help for his anger issues Kim will probably file for divorce and take those Kardashian millions and the kids.

Reportedly Kim doesn’t trust Kanye alone with North West and Saint West. If the couple calls it quits Kim wants sole custody and will ask the court to give Kanye supervised visitation only.

Does Kanye West need anger management and mental health counseling? Is the latest round of Kanye’s bizarre behavior the rapper’s way of getting attention, grabbing the spotlight, a desperate attempt to stay relevant?

One thing seems clear, whatever Kanye’s problem is Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian aren’t going to put up with it anymore. Kris isn’t going to let West to keep blowing through Kardashian millions. Get ready for a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce, because it appears to be inevitable. But one thing folks, is it possible for anyone to tarnish the Kardashian brand? The brand that was founded on a sex tape?


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