Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jose Mourinho to Become Manchester United Coach?

Football clubs are like sharks. There has to be a sense of forward momentum otherwise they are in decline.

After 26 years of near seamless progress through the murky waters of English football with Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm, Manchester United have spent the last three campaigns caught in an undercurrent.

David Moyes failed to get to grips with the sheer size of the club, and his hopes that he could just walk into the seismic gap left by Sir Alex Ferguson failed miserably.

Louis Van Gaal has been different though. His huge personality and self confidence never meant that he was daunted by Old Trafford. Van Gaal jumped at the chance to mould the team into his image. But instead of doing just that he’s suffocated them.

At this point it’s clear to see that we are in the final days of Louis Van Gaal’s tenure at Manchester United. How many more does he actually have? It’s hard to tell. A defeat at Shrewsbury tonight and it’s hard to see how Van Gaal can be kept on into March. What’s 99.8% certain is that he won’t be in charge come the start of next season.

The worst kept secret in all of football is that his replacement will be Jose Mourinho. The stars have aligned in such a way that the former Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid manager will now almost certainly take the role.

Not all Manchester United fans are happy that Mourinho has been ear-marked as Louis Van Gaal’s replacement. But, with the golden-boy Pep Guardiola taking over at Manchester City, Mourinho is seen as the necessary evil to halt the rise of United’s nosy neighbours.

Having resorted to eye-gauging, outright hostility, and defensive tactics to match Pep Guardiola in the past, Manchester United fans are rightfully apprehensive about becoming the bad-guys in order to duel with City. Unfortunately, United aren’t in a position to worry about being liked anymore, and Jose Mourinho is the one who will help them through their current transition.

It’s been clear to all for a while that Jose Mourinho is desperate for the Manchester United job. Sure there’s something a little uneasy about his neediness, but his desire for the role is purely because he knows the wonders that he could work at Old Trafford.

Manchester United are a juggernaut. A club that thrives and lives for success. Jose Mourinho is the same. Much in the same way that Sir Alex Ferguson would always make sure that United wouldn’t go a second season without a trophy, Mourinho will do whatever it takes to get success, as he knows that’s the only way to breed further glory.

The misconception that Jose Mourinho’s sides are boring – the record breaking hauls of his 2011/2012 Real Madrid and his 2005/2006 Chelsea teams prove that’s a myth –  shouldn’t worry Manchester United fans. Instead, the similarities between the Portuguese coach and the legendary Scot should excite.

Sure, Jose Mourinho is likely to ruffle some feathers along the way, but the ends he’ll produce will almost certainly be worth the, at times, borderline reprehensible means.

Mourinho is the perfect candidate to push Manchester United through the transition that has seen them stagnate and reverse in recent years. Any other appointment would be a risk that Manchester United can simply no longer afford to take.

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