Monday, February 15, 2016

Is This How Dabota Lawson Looks Like Now After Divorcing Her Billionaire Hubby? [Photos]

No wonder many women in this part of our world prefer to cry inside a Rolls Royce than smile inside a volkswagen Beetles....because from the look of things, our former billionaire wife, Dabota Lawson who found so much pleasure in brandishing and showing off her marriage-inherited-wealth is no longer looking flamboyant as before, not after the money stopped flowing from the slaughter house of our able billionaire A.K.U.

Okay enough of our bad bellying....see more after the page cut:

Did you noticed the color difference between the first and second pics above? That's the handwork of filter...photoshop and of course.....SKIN BLEACHING!....and when bleaching creams can't give you the exact white color you desire on your skin, what next? Get it by fire by force using our able photo filters and the ALMIGHTY PHOTOSHOP!

Hey ladies...don't let some so-called celebrities fake lifestyle on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc deceive real and enjoy your life....nothing to scandal! I am outta here mhen!

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