Friday, February 19, 2016

Finally Justin Bieber Removes All Selena Gomez' Tattoo from His Body!

Hailey Baldwin forced Justin Bieber to get rid of his Selena Gomez tattoo! Jelena fans are certain that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be getting back together again – but it looks like that ship has really sailed. Justin Bieber recently sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine and he went over all of his tattoos and what they mean.

You know that creepy tat of SelGo’s face down by his wrist? He tried to get it covered up – and when that didn’t work, Biebs had the face shaded in to make it not look like Selena Gomez!

You know it’s serious when Justin starts trying to get rid of tattoos. If he honestly had any intention of getting back together with Selena, then he probably would have just kept that tattoo of her face, right? Justin has had the tattoo for a while, he doesn’t clarify when exactly he started getting the face changed or attempting to alter it to not look like his ex-girlfriend Selena.

Rumor has it that Hailey Baldwin pressured Justin Bieber to get rid of the Selena tattoo – It’s not a secret that there is no love lost between Hailey and Selena, and we totally get why Hailey wouldn’t want a daily reminder of Justin’s ex-girlfriend while she is hanging out with her.

Hailey Baldwin doesn’t seem to mind the steady stream of models in and out of Biebs’ life – but when it comes to Selena Gomez, she has been known to flip the script and freak out.

We can’t help but wonder what does Selena think of Justin trying to change his SelGo tattoo? Did she have a Justin Bieber tattoo somewhere on her body that she has hidden/covered up? Regardless, one thing is for sure tattoos are NOT forever, and it looks like Justin and Selena Gomez are really over for good this time.

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