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Dirty Secrets EXPOSED: How Rich Nigerian Men Mess Around with Ex Beauty Queens and More...[with PHOTOS]

Is she the finest girl that Dangote would dish out over 5 million US dollars for one of his multiple chicks when he is rumoured to be a frugal sponsor?

Reader's Note: every piece of information you are about to read in this post was originally written by NGL and shared on their blog....NgNBlog is only re-sharing the post to our esteemed fans because it is so juicy and packed with so much info that you wouldn't afford to miss.

Now, get ready...and let's go there.....

Sylvia Nduka, friend of Dabota Lawson is a typical beauty queen living off her days of glory since 2011, then using the title to continue her runs. Aside from her below mediocre hair business in an overly saturated overly competitive field, wouldn’t she have come up with a more lucrative career choice if she was in fact the “mistress of Aliko Dangote”?

These girls do runs with multiple men & it’s very true as a commenter stated, they can sleep with a well known male up to three times & call it a “relationship”. This was the story in Sylvia’s case.

If you ask Slyvia, she will exaggerate her “affair”, meanwhile Dangote is known to be seeing multiple women all around town & abroad. He has no “main” babe & the closest would be Mariam Mohammed Maktoub who he has been spotted with at PUBLIC events. The reason he can take Mariam around is because she is VERY PRIVATE personally & publicly, she is the publisher of Maktoub magazine based in Abuja. He can easily state she is interviewing him or simply state she is covering the event without raising any eyebrows to keep his affair private. This is what she did with the Tanzania cement launch she was caught in a sneak photo in.  She released the magazine cover as if she was “covering the event” not covering Dangote’s bed. She covered the affair, proved her discretion so she would not get cut off.

On the other hand, Sylvia took to her classless ways & exposed that she had slept with Dangote. Check out proof of her leaking stories to the media, which got her cut off completely by Dangote.

Encomium Weekly states “ex-Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria asked if we had ‘written the story'” showing that she was waiting for a story to be posted. They further state that “ex beauty queen leaked it through social media, Dangote was pissed & withdrew.” Public figures like to remain private idiot!

Sylvia continued her downward spiral trying to resurrect her public claim of Dangote even after he was out of the picture in overly exaggerated articles about their fling. She added preposterous details of control over his private jet & her stunt of dressing Muslim was simply that, a publicity stunt for attention which I had to call her out on.

She seems to like this picture of herself below. Is it a coincidence that it is used in most articles sent in by a “source” just as the SDK post?

If you see the way this babe exaggerated! “Full control over his private jet”, what a laugh! His daughter does not even have access to his jet just like that.

An insider had more distinct details:

“Sylvia has never even been to Dangote’s personal V.I. home on Karimu Kotun due to his children unexpectedly visiting & because he only allows his flavours of the night to visit him in his apartment in Ikoyi which he uses as a guest house when he wants company. She would go on small trips to Abuja on a PJ which is common even for low level runs girls but pretends like she is internationally jetting about. She has been to Dubai twice because men can be more free away from Nigeria but pretends like she goes to Dubai just for shopping”.

Now, Sylvia leaked her own story to the press & started the rumour of being Aliko’s mistress when it was a short lived fling at best. (And I’m being nice not stating it was an exchange for sexual favours for compensation in naira).

Sylvia thinks she is clever. Naijagistlive exclusively broke this story of Aliko Dangote with Mariam Mohammed Maktoub in Tanzania for his cement unveiling. The picture was sent in from an employee.

This story was released in November 2015. Sylvia thought she could hide her shame on Instagram by simply reporting my posts about her. When SDK picked up the story, she was shook.

Naijagistlive submits that Sylvia Nduka was so embarrassed by her disgrace of Aliko being out & about with his main babe while she was running around town like a headless chicken claiming she is making plans for the altar, that she concocted a lie in the form of claiming she was gifted a home in Parkview worth billions to prove she was Aliko’s mistress!

Check out the DATES:
Aliko Dangote & Mariam Maktoub story released November 1, 2015:
Sylvia Nduka takes to submitting her lies in the new year Friday January 1, 2016 AFTER the post disgracing her:
Didn’t we find it funny that the post was about Sylvia buying a billion naira parkview estate yet the home was not even pictured? Was it not funny that the two pictures sent in were the two most perfect airbrushed photos of her? Wasn’t it funny this same picture was sent to another blog? SDK kept claiming “our source” & Sylvia covered her ass by saying “quiet house warming party” & “coded” so that no one can come out to say anything.
Where are these girls making noise now like Sylvia Nduka & Danielle Allen? Socially dead. DISCRETION IS EVERYTHING. We are yet to see proof of the pink slip on that white Range Rover, mortgage paperwork or even a picture of this imaginary “billion naira Parkview estate”. Nice try Sylvia Nduka. You claim you are his main babe but never stepped foot on his yacht, MARIYA? :)
Does this look like she has “full control over his private jet” if Hajia Sylvia is sitting on Delta business class & has NEVER been on first class? Didn’t you claim in your article you sent in that you “take the jet on short trips abroad”? LMFAO

Check out Mariam Maktoub’s story.
Pictured publicly, Mariam Maktoub & Aliko Dangote at a black tie event.

Now, Mariam Maktoub has deleted her entire Instagram after the story broke & only operates her business page.
She goes personally to offices to “DELIVER MAGAZINES” to the VP.

comments from SDK

Of course, they could not let Mariam rest as someone came to open her yansh.

Don’t believe the glorified lies of these wives & self proclaimed mistresses making noise. Just as Sylvia was counting on gullible Nigerians, so are the rest of these girls.
The two divorcees too busy shopping instead of checking the deed.
Dabota Lawson (formerly known as Dabota Lawson Aku, self proclaimed “billionaire wife”) currently peddling her make up line & back to runs coming out of her marriage with nothing but shoes, bags, her apps & purchased followers she acquired during marriage. Her husband’s borrowed cars remain with her ex husband. Weren’t you constantly giving out relationship advice dear?
Caroline Hutchings Ekanem (formerly known as Caroline Danjuma, former actress) forced out of her own family home to a small home with her 3 children, currently acquired plastic surgery to be back on the market & hitting the streets.
The two flings publicly claiming & exposing men which is what got them cut off. #nodiscetion
Danielle Allen (formerly self proclaimed as “preferred mistress”) is still preferred by no one.
Sylvia Nduka (formerly self proclaimed as “billionaire mistress”) currently using her fake charity to eat the money & supply her business class fares on Delta airlines
Empty barrels make the most noise.

Courtesy of: NGL

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