Monday, February 15, 2016

Dead Child's Ghost Send Balloon to Comfort Heartbreaking Mom [Video + Photos]

We are truly living in a strange express reports a SHOCKING footage filmed during a funeral wake, which some have claimed is a touching paranormal event, and has already gone viral online.

See details plus video below after the page cut:

The short video, posted on YouTube, shows a white helium balloon break free from the small white coffin sat on an altar, to the soundtrack of Ed Sheeran hit Thinking Out Loud.

It then bobs towards the grief stricken woman who touches the string, then it appears to float around her.

The mother is so distraught she does not notice it is still there for several seconds, before realising and cuddling it seemingly in awe.

The incident in Mexico has prompted a huge online debate about whether a paranormal event happened.

Some commentators have said there is a clearly simple explanation for the incident.

One poster said: "Lie! The balloon gets stuck on her back and for that reason does not continue due to the airflow."

But another replied: "What times we live in, a mother is comforted by an invisible force."

Others took speculation of the paranormal to a bizarre level, saying it could be a demon trying to prey on the woman.

They said: "How beautiful it happens that children go to heaven are not souls.

"I think it is a demon confusing mother."

The footage has made it onto other websites, where the debate continued, and people seemed to believe something paranormal took place.

Denise Nicholson said: "I don't think it matters whether it's true or not, in your heart if you believe it and it gives you comfort then I think that is a beautiful thing and no one has the right to say anything other."

And EnochSneed spoke of events happening to his wife that he could only devise were paranormal following the death of their daughter.

He said: "Since our daughter died, many strange things have happened to my wife and I.

"Rainbows have appeared on our birthdays and wedding anniversary, not other days, white 'angel' feathers have literally fallen into our hands, and we have found coins in odd corners and under ornaments when cleaning."

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