Monday, February 8, 2016

Beyonce Stuntwoman Confirms Bey Pregnant with Second Child: Suffers Morning Sickness Filming Music Video

Did Beyonce’s stuntwoman confirm that Queen Bey is pregnant with her second child? Did Beyonce have to sit out and let her body double cover for her while suffering from morning sickness?

The latest issue of Star magazine is reporting that Beyonce is glowing with the pregnancy of her second child. According to the report, Beyonce and Jay Z will be welcoming their second child in 2016. Blue Ivy will be a big sister and get that little sibling to dote over.

The magazine’s source said, “You can tell from the constant smile on Beyonce’s face that she’s happier than ever. And she can’t wait to share the news.” We can’t wait either! If you can recall, back in 2011 when Beyonce and Jay Z were pregnant with Blue Ivy, Beyonce took to the stage during the 2011 MTV Music Awards and announced that she was pregnant.

She shared the news with the world by unbuttoning her jacket and rubbing her baby bump on stage. Well, according to this source, Beyonce has something up her sleeve for the 2016 Super Bowl 50 halftime show. “She’s planning a big reveal during the Super Bowl halftime show. Until then, she’s doing everything she can to keep it quiet.”

If Beyonce is really going to announce her second pregnancy during the Super Bowl halftime show, do you think she will be more creative since it would be the second time she’d be announcing her pregnancies on stage? Maybe she will incorporate something with daddy, Jay Z and big sister, Blue Ivy. That could be really cute!

If all she does is rub her belly again, I think that fans will be a little bit let down. This is Queen Bey we are talking about here and we’ve grown accustomed to a little more extravagance from her at this point in time.

On January 23, Star reports that Beyonce was filming a new music video in Los Angeles, but she was well covered up. No bump on display. But Queen Bey’s stuntwoman had everyone talking about the pregnancy.

The source said, “Beyonce has morning sickness, but she isn’t letting it get in the way of work. This baby means the world to her. There’s no way she would risk putting her pregnancy in jeopardy.” So Beyonce was having her body double take over whenever there was really physically demanding choreography involved in the shoot. Interesting, isn’t it?

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