Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Before Dabota Lawson The Ex Beauty Queen Filed for Divorce and Deleted Her Instagram.....[Photos]

The way ladies presumed to be celebrity portray their lifestyle on social media and online generally by displaying wealth and a presumed all-happy-all-luxury lifestyle they claim to be enjoying is becoming disturbing because I am sure these ladies and gents must have caused some gullible-minded youths and adults alike to go astray trying to live a life similar to the one their so-called celebrity role model is living online...but before you go wishing to be like that lady or guy always snapping pictures of where she is hoping from one private jet or luxury car, hotel to another....let me remind you that ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD INDEED! and just today, our QUEEN of QUEENS, in the person of Madame Dabota Lawson Aku who out of greed for money and material wealth forgot the future to marry her ancestor...proved us right, how? Check below:

These are some famous pictures Dabota Lawson posted on her instagram profile before she deleted her account recently.....before I forge ahead, let me remind you that Dabota's extranged husband, Prince Sunny Aku owns no private jet.....he's rich but doesn't own a private jet...his money hasn't gotten to that level because its not easy to own and maintain a private jet for fun....

Secondly, Dabota Lawson just like most celebrities on instagram and Twitter spend their last penny abi kobo to buy Instagram and Twitter followers to make them look rich, famous and admired whereas in real life, their life is filled with tears, heartbreak and emptiness..don't let their life online fool you...get real....now, check out the pictures Dabota shared of herself in a private jet...actually, she took these pictures on the same day she had the opportunity of accompanying her estranged hubby, Prince Aku to a business trip....but to deceive her gullible female fans that she's living a life of luxury without any form of regret, Dabota spaced the pictures and posted them in a weekly interval to appear like she flies on a private jet always, the truth is...she doesn't.

her second time on a private jet.....

Now, if you are still wondering why her husband raised alarm, hence, Dabota's smart move to be the first to file for divorce.....read what NGL said below:

In other news, reports of her philandering late nights with fraudsters like Sijibomi Ogundele are coming to light. Guess you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. What did Sunny Aku expect? This is an age old story: girl marries sugar daddy, girl feels like she is missing out on youth, girl foolishly gets caught up with young boys & youthful activities, sugar daddy leaves girl, girl regrets decisions, girl left with nothing, sugar daddy moves on to next girl.

I wonder what her & Sujimoto have in common besides them both buying followers & living a fake lifestyle for Instagram validation. 

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