Thursday, February 18, 2016

An Open Letter to Linda Ikeji On Her Fake Hermes Bag, Flamboyant Life Display & Marriage

First things first...before any Linda Ikeji's fan comes here to attack as usual...please I would like to remind you all that Linda Ikeji is not the only Nigerian blogger making good money from blogging; Bella Naija is making even as much as Linda, SDK is, 360nobs is, naijapals, Omojuwa, Ladunliadia, Afikpo chick, Laila is also smiling to the bank, NgNBlog, etc and even the owner of the almighty nairaland, Seun is making maybe much more...but do you hear or see any of these bloggers brag or announce their earnings to the world? The simple answer is NO!

But then, my dear sister Linda Ikeji decided to do otherwise....and whenever she gets criticized, she goes crying and grumbling, or didn't she asked for it when she was busy showing off every little thing she acquired in life...from her cars, to gate to shoes, to Banana Island mansion to fake Hermes bag (it remains fake until proven otherwise), to who knows the next fake possession Linda Ikeji is planning to show off to her gullible fans before this fake Hermes bag saga? Huh, we de watch....okay back to the open letter to Aunty Linda Ikeji of LIB.

Dear Aunty Linda,

In as much as I know that after reading this open letter as usual, you may decide to act like you don't care but will send your usual attack dogs out on me...I still hope this letter meets you well and on time.

Please before you go thinking that I am hating on you, do find time to go through this blog (if at all pride will permit you to) and you will discover that I didn't post anything on your recent Hermes bag scandal...because to me and my blog crew, it is irrelevant, and we believe that you have the right to own whatever class or kind of bag you fill would complement your lifestyle.

Going forward Aunty Linda, I still don't understand why you always get worked up and angry whenever people try to criticize or attack you through words online when actually you became whoever you are today doing same thing to popular Nigerian celebrities, and they didn't commit suicide or go after you to bring your head down, of which you would have been dead long ago if they had chose to hunt you down for writing both true and false stories about them to make money on your blog.

But look at you today, after tramping on famous people's image to climb to the top, you are now crying fowl when people do same to you, doesn't that show that you are greedy and selfish like we accused here some years ago, which made your sister, Laura Ikeji to come after me with all manner of insults and threats?

Linda, you are an Igbo lady, so let me use an Igbo idiom to pass this message to you, in Igbo dialect, our people usually say: nga agadi nwanyi gbara kusuo ahia ka mgbagburu ga aku ya. For those who don't understand Igbo dialect...please forgive me, it is meant for Linda Ikeji's consumption.

Linda, if you don't brag and show off the things you have acquired online, no one would criticize or attack you, but you being onye uba duru kuo (someone that stumbled upon wealth by sudden), cannot live a day without bragging about how rich you are and how you worked hard to become who you are today.

It is mind bugling to hear you brag that it is because of your hardwork that made you rich and famous today....Linda, please and please, for the sake of your future and even present, stop using those words 'I worked hard to become who I am today' because even the Bible said that the race is not for the swift nor for the wise, but of the Lord that showeth mercy....Linda thank your God and destiny for bringing good fortune your way and stop attributing it to hardwork because many ladies worked harder than you online and offline and still can't afford three-square a I would love to use this opportunity to also warn all those successful people that are quick to brag that their hardwork made them rich and successful...please don't mock God through your lifestyle and words if you want to live and enjoy many more fruitful, fulfilling years ahead of you.

Lastly Linda, I know that this doesn't concern me, but hey sis, you are not getting younger...and if no one sees the need to tell you this, someone who care about you will..and I want to therefore tell you to start now to think about getting married and starting up your own happy family.

Now, you may say: I haven't found the right man or men are not coming....or that men are scared  by my wealth, bla...bla...bla....if those are your excuses, read my suggestion below:

1. It is time to let your siblings go! as much as your siblings, especially Laura do wish you get married to a good man, I must tell you that deep down their hearts, they don't want it to happen anytime soon for fear of losing their cash cow - you! They have grow so fond of you supplying all their need that they wouldn't be so cool seeing another man come in between you and them in the name of marriage...because they know that once you get married and start to raise your own kids...the time and resources you spend on them would definitely reduce, and that's what Laura would never want to see happen.

Again, even if they wish you marry today, they will prefer you marry a richer man to ensure your money won't stop coming their way...and to also guarantee them that the man isn't after their sweet sister's money....but then, you and I know that such good men richer than you won't be single...and if at they are single, then they must have one or two skeleton in their cupboard which will definitely come out one night to haunt your best bet is to find a reasonable, responsible hardworking guy doing something legal and sustainable for a living, not necessarily a rich guy....with your influence, you can help him come to the limelight without having to give him money....such good guys exist in plenty numbers here in Nigeria, but are you ready to accept him or are you still drunk in your fantasy life of Mills and Boom?

2. Reduce the rate you brag and flaunt your wealth online! Yes I know that you may need to flaunt your wealth to remain on top and of course relevant in your career, but doing too much of it is scaring potential good suitors away from you, but you won't know it.

If you must show off, show off responsibly and live the bragging and showing off for the entertainment celebrities into showbiz life.

Lastly, on your Harmes bag, quit trying to prove to anyone that it is original or not....I am sure everyone knows that Linda Ikeji can afford the bag....even top celebrities wear fake things and people wouldn't least I know quite a number of them who uses fake things to complement their original ones...its not easy to meet up with the exorbitant life they have placed themselves on.




  2. A good one! A word is enough for the wise.