Saturday, February 20, 2016

After Her Marriage to a Billionaire Crashed, Actress Caroline Ekanem Returns to Nollywood Acting to Raise Money?

She saw money...plenty money and got enchanted by the money and wealth he possessed and she fell in love because of the plenty money he showed her, and she threw caution to the wind...jumped into his bed....popped out kids for him in no less time because she saw plenty of money to be enjoyed all alone but then, she forgot that what she saw - money, other prettier, hotter, younger women also saw it and desperately want to have their own share of the billions in his name....not by his hardwork anyway because it was an inherited wealth from national crude oil...thanks to the military regime and the use of military uniform and guns to take what belong to the whole nation for a family alone to enjoy...and now that the billionaire has found another hotter woman to replace our dear beautiful actress...she is all over the social media crying of broken heart when actually she took the man from another woman like her some years ago....oh I forgot karma is a biatch....

But NgNBlog you too like to de bad mouth other people's success, why? Maybe because we love to use our platform to enlighten and correct people from making further mistakes in is not all about money and material things....sometimes, ladies need to think beyond money and see the heart of the man they want to settle with....sure money will come....

Okay, back to the matter, several years after she disappeared from the screen, top actress Caroline Ekanem is due to premiere her comeback movie, “Staker” on Saturday, February 27.

The beautiful actress is premiering her movie amid reports that her marriage to her billionaire husband, Musa Danjuma has hit the rocks.

The movie, which stars Jim Iyke, Nse Ikpe-Etim is produced by Caroline whose marriage allegedly crashed recently. She was said to have refuted claims of battery by her hubby, the buzz was that she couldn’t continue suffering in silence and has run for her life.

The mother of 3 recently shared an image of a ‘broken heart’ which she captured ‘no regrets’ among other cryptic messages.

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