Sunday, February 21, 2016

9 Foods You Had No Idea were Dangerous to Your Health [Photos]

Butter flavoured popcorn: There is a chemical in butter flavoured microwave popcorn that could put your health in CONSIDERABLE danger. Oh no. There goes our Friday night in Jerry Maguire habit. Diacetyl, which is present in some butter flavourings, has been so harmful to factory workers, it’s even warranted it’s own disease classification - “popcorn lung.” In short, try just the salted kind.

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Tinned tomatoes: There is a type of resin that can be present in tin cans, that contains bisphenol-A / BPA. BPA is a synthetic oestrogen that can cause reproductive problems and heart disease! Put DOWN the tin opener and go pick some fresh ones instead. Or just head to Sainsbury’s and get some actual tomatoes with your next shop. [Jessica Spengler/Flickr]

Artificial sweeteners: Rather annoyingly, studies have actually shown that artificial sweeteners can be JUST as bad for your muffin top as regular refined sugar. UGH. Aspartame can increase your blood sugar level, leading to overeating. And there have even been rumours that it causes stomach ulcers in high concentrations.  [Artondra Hall/Flickr]

White chocolate: We all know about dark chocolate right? Full of AMAZING goodies, like anti-oxidants. Well, don’t be fooled into thinking that white chocolate has any of these lovely qualities. It doesn’t. It is literally a weird mix of random things that taste sweet. [Lee McCoy/Flickr]

Pea shoots & sprouts: Uh oh. These little things look uber healthy, but pea shoots and sprouts have been the source of an incredible number of food recalls because they are REALLY good at carrying foodborne illnesses. WAH! [Rex]

Bread: Genetic manipulations have meant that the wheat that we now use to make bread is no longer anything like the wheat that our great-grandparents would have known. The newest types of wheat can cause all sorts of inflammatory diseases and allergies. Boo-hoo, bye bye burger bap. [Rafel Miro/Flickr]

Swordfish: Swordfish, who'da thunk? You’re probably not eating an abundance of swordfish as it is, but it is worth knowing that you should definitely avoid it when pregnant. Swordfish is high in heavy metals that can be harmful to children as they develop in the womb. [Ralph Daily/Flickr]

Corn: Corn kernels are basically little sponges for pesticides. In fact, some of them even produce their own pesticides within the actual plant. They are also of dubious nutritional value. [Rex]

Food dye: Food dyes have been linked to cancer in animals, so goodness only knows what they’re doing to our insides. The craze for rainbow cakes is more dangerous than we thought! [trec_lit/Flickr]


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