Saturday, January 9, 2016

World War 3? North Korea warns US and Seoul they are on BRINK OF WAR

Senior Pyongyang official Kim Ki Nam blamed Seoul of “driving the situation to the brink of war” with its use of loudspeakers firing messages over the Korean border.
The chilling comments came as Seoul continued to blast the anti-Pyongyang propaganda across the border, heightening hostility between the rival countries.

The senior official added that talks between the US and Seoul after the North’s H-Bomb test had stoked tensions and “driven the two countries to the brink of war”.
Speaking at a rally, the head of the ruling Workers’ Party propaganda department, said: “Jealous of the successful test of our first H-bomb, the US and its followers are driving the situation to the brink of war by saying they have resumed psychological broadcasts and brought in strategic bombers.”
A South Korea official confirmed Seoul and the US had discussed military strikes on the Korean peninsular.
Reports suggest that the military assets include B-52 bombers, F-22 stelth fighters and nuclear-powered submarines.
North and South Korea are separated by the most heavily armed border in the world

North and South Korea are separated by the most heavily armed border in the world, and both have threatened each other with war in the past.
Talks between the two countries last year showed signs of tensions beginning to thaw after both sides reached a peace deal.
Under the deal, the South had agreed to stop broadcasting anti-Pyongyang messages from loudspeakers near the border.
The threat of war between the two rival countries has returned in recent weeks

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