Monday, January 25, 2016

Tyga and Another Pretty Teenage Girl....Kylie Jenner is in Big Mess? [Photo]

“She just turned 18 yrs old — but when she was 17, Tyga was trying to get her to be a model for Last King’s.”~ Industry Insider

HSK Exclusive – Can someone please let Tyga know that trollin’ an underage female wouldn’t qualify as “mack game.” However, push’in up on a 17-year-old female with promises to “make her a star” if she models for your clothing line def would fit the M-O of a sexual predator. And from the insider intel we’re gettin’, that’s exactly how “Young Kobe” is mov’in!!! ”
“F*ck it, I’m tryna bone.” ~ Tyga, “Young Kobe”
Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, revealed to have “just turned 18”, is said to be the latest aspiring model T Raw was caught checkin’. “This is the third time Tyga’s been caught trying to push up on an underage girl,” the source explained. This, after he reposted her pics on IG. And, Guess What? Looks like she’s running with it …
“Una nota que encontre en la pagina de Tyga jajaja” / “I found a note on the page Tyga lol” ~ Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa
The drop:
“The manager of this girl is currently sending this story to all the other media outlets.”

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