Monday, January 25, 2016

SHOCKING Evidence That Proves Ice Prince's Cheating Girlfriend is a Popular 'Runs Girl' [PHOTOS]

According to naijagistlive, Ice Prince's girlfriend, Maima is a popular 'runa girl' in Ghana...who lives in a face-me-I-face-you apartment in Ghana, from where she operates and her targets are men with plenty money...and she couldn't stop even after she met Ice Prince...maybe Ice Prince doesn't have enough money to throw at her...maybe....whatever it is...ngl have got some shocking exposure that will make your night a juicy one. Are you ready to see? Check below after the page cut:

As originally written by ngl:

Disclaimer: All the information in the following post was submitted through several direct messages & emails. Naijagistlive cannot confirm or validate every point stated.

I’m so bored of this topic & on to the next but since Maima & her band of goons have been dropping anon comments, I will post my DM requests. (FYI you know she is butthurt because she had my last page blocked when I didn’t even tag her or add any tea there, just a link to read the post)

I got a few requests to post Maima’s past as a runs girl as many people seem to be aware of her reputation in Ghana.

Apparently she lives in a face me I face you house in Abeka Lapaz, Accra. Any time there was a business man in town looking for company, she would be amongst a group of girls set up for these “arrangements” where half her earnings was for the woman who set it up. One man’s wife caught her once & fought her & there was apparently some drama with a guy after she stole his belt & chain from a hotel room. She supposedly also did runs for Jibril Baron Cash @baron_cash a sakawa boy who would bring her into Nigeria & other parts in Africa. She used to lie about her age & been in the game for years.

Maima & Jibril Baron Cash (unknown job title) rumoured pimp & yahoo/sakawa boy

Her Ghana reputation is so bad which is why she has never been publicly claimed prior. When these pictures hit of Kill Beatz (Ghana producer) & Maima, it was rumoured that she released them herself for fame & attention. She is known to have been a “possy girl” (aka groupie) rotated around Ghana artists (Sarkodie, Rashid Mugeez) to name a few & always hungry to desperately be amongst famous people.  At first, Kill Beatz denied her completely because he had a serious girlfriend at the time, then he hesitated to even claim her as a side chick. I guess poor Panshak sitting in Nigeria didn’t get the memo. Harsh title :o

Maima & Kill Beatz (sidechick pose)

Our Maima looking like a winch & @mugeezxmugeez looking like Whoopi Goldberg.

Show me a runs girl & I’ll show you her friends. The old saying is always true, “birds of a feather flock together” & these birds have been swooping & flying around looking for bread.

Maima is friends with @therealleonarose (hotel hops all week to post empty Chanel boxes & bags) who is friends with @queenkaryna (posing with store tags on “her” borrowed items) @lollysweeties (comes to Abuja from London but didn’t sell hair here) & @cy4luv (will be spotted in Abuja with someone’s granddad for Mac makeup but tagging Lagos on IG) who is friends with @officialanyta (Annyta Rajis been running for years)  & @mniqsamuel (recently hosted by Timi Franks in Dubai). :)

All these girls are in the same business. They bleach, they are jobless & they hotel hop.

Maybe she is lying about her age.

courtesy of: naijagistlive

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