Sunday, January 31, 2016

See The Many Girls Flavour Destroyed Their Future with His 'Thing' [Photo]

I tell people that care to hear that whenever Flavour shares his shirtless or clothe-less picture online...a girl somewhere is about to get pregnant; that's if she didn't press the 'flush' button like most in this post inspired by NGL post....NgBlog bring to your notice, some of the girls Flavour killed with his 'baby oku'..."ukwu sara mbara"....'ashawo'...."tomator jos"..."shakima" below:

Note: Flavour doesn't hide his womanizing nature from the public because he makes public any girl or lady he's sleeping with at the moment...and so...he won't be surprised to stumble upon this post...because NgBlog is only helping him to promote his ministry of womanizing and sperm meet some of the women Flavour donated stuff to:

Anna Banner

1. Anna Banner (@annaebiere): number one of the list is pretty, young Anna Banner, who won most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2013 then decided to destroy her future by foolishly allowing Flavour to impregnate her with his "baby oku" song which Flavour had used to sleep with several other girls and counting...Now in NGL's own words: Anna Banner is neither here nor there, unmarried, unclaimed & a single parent.

Madame Beverly

2. Madame Beverly (who later changed her IG name). It was rumoured that this was the only girl Flavour was serious about.

Official Onyinye

3. Official Onyinye (self proclaimed “gift from God”) Currently suspected of being pregnant after unprotected sex with the public tool that is Flavour’s prick.


4. Steph (@mrshazelle) Don’t know why she calls herself “MRS” when she is unmarried. Anyway, ex best friend of Onyinye but allegedly they had a falling out & aren’t as close as they once were, maybe it had something to do with their threesome in Enugu. (See next posts)

Sandra Okagbue

5. Sandra Okagbue: Sandra is one of the Delta soap models, and from unverified sources, a daughter/princess of a popular king in Anambra State, who foolishly allowed love for money, fame and material things to land her on a popular womanizer's bed, and she ended up pregnant and later mother of the Nabania singer’s first child. Despite Sandra knowing fully well that Flavour is an unrepentant cheat and of course sperm donor to any available lady, she shamelessly took to Instagram not long ago to tell anyone who cares to know that she is “Flavour’s mirror.”

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