Monday, January 11, 2016

See The Bad Condition Of Police Barracks at Obalende Lagos [Photos]

This expose was originally compiled by ajayiwrites, and I must confess that it is so sad to see the barracks housing the people we trust our lives and security on looking this way...why won't their heart be sad? Why will they serve with joy? Even war torn areas like Afghanistan wouldn't look this fact, looking at some of the pictures could remind one of the Nazi attack on Stalingrad!

Read ajayiwrites words and more horrible photos after the page cut:

I went to visit a friend whose dad is a police officer and lives around Obalende, we decided to pass the police barracks at Kam-Salem barracks leading to the main road, what I saw was an eye sore. For the first tim, I pitied the Nigerian Police. How can people who gave their all and to serve the nation be living in such a place like this? The buildings were dilapidated and they have no tap water, all the gutters and road are home to rats and lizard, and we have allocation for all these. I can't but feel remorseful to all the Police folks living in this house. Imagine you been a traffic warden and after a hard day's job, this is where you retired to, or you as a police, you can't be proud to bring in a visitor because of the sorry state of your house.

I hereby appeal to Mr. President, the minister in charge of interior and Police affairs to please, make these folks smile maybe by renovating this barrack or by doing something good... Below are the sorry state of the barracks\

Due to the large pictures, I can't upload them all them, please check the source for more pictures.

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