Thursday, January 7, 2016

Olamide's Music Career About to Die for Insulting Donjazzy?

Hi guys, Happy New Year. I wish all honest and sincerely single guys and ladies searching for a partner the best of God's favour this New Year in their search for love.

I want to address an issue here. I have been a guest of this forum for too long; especially the romance, family and celebrity sections, and I have observed that guys do complain that most females don't reply private is not compulsory for someone to reply a private message on a forum, but at least an ordinary hi deserves a 'hello' based on courtesy and chivalry....internet is supposed to be a good medium for sincerely single, introvert/shy and busy people to find good mate since it affords them the opportunity to bare their mind to the opposite sex without fear of rejection or being turned down...and it is supposed to help ladies solve our societal stigma of ladies not making polite and indirect advance on a guy they admire,  especially those that feel shy approaching the opposite sex in real life but the opposite is the case today.

I have seen and heard many happy couples today who met online even though media is quick in publicising and promoting the bad news about social media and internet dates; they hardly or rarely publish the plenty happy couples that met online...yet many are single praying for a partner yet they ignore hi online without even giving an opportunity to know who the guy is and what he's up to...very bad I must say. yes I know some bad guys have tarnished the image of all guys in general through their unscrupulous acts towards ladies, but still we can't stop entering flight or cars because of plane crash and accidents on the roads...give other guys the benefit of doubt cos u never can tell.

Another ugly trend I have heard from different guys is that on any internet platform, social media, forum, or dating site, that ladies tend to reply a guy's message very fast if the guy put up rich profile pics or pose beside luxury cars, big houses or appear like he live abroad on his profile pictures....

Now, ladies listen up: no real guy out for good and searching for love or real friendship will be flashing whatever he has online....when a guy wants to find genuine love or girlfriend online or offline, he even hides his identity....stop accepting guys based on how rich and fine their pictures are...learn from your mistake...give all guys who approach you politely and respectfully a chance...good products don't always come in flashy careful.

Internet is a good medium for single people to meet and start up a or whatever....lets not destroy it....internet is good if you are honest and not greedy. be real...dont be greedy...above all, pray!

Greed is the major reason people fall into the wrong hand in life. if u are greedy, u will end up meeting the wrong business partners....the wrong romance partners and may end up marrying the wrong person.

Money is good...we all wanna live a happy life free of debt and lack...but being too forward and greedy about it has led many ladies into falling for playboys and bad men.

Music rapper, Olamide is already feeling fly because he reportedly prostrated for Donjazzy and they openly made peace with each other, and that by doing so, his career is about catapulting to greater heights, he better have a rethink. Because he still has one 'gods' to appease and it is not other than journalist cum blogger, Kemi Olunloyo.

Controversial journalist and blogger, Kemi is the daughter of former Oyo state governor,Victor Omololu Olunloyo and recall late last year when she laid claims that popular blogger, Linda Ikeji was involved in the Dasuki arms deal money sprey, if you missed it, check my archive...

Now Kemi's anger has shifted from Linda Ikeji to Olamide and she's allegedly bent on 'kiling' the career of the YBNL she's gonna do that...we are yet to find out for stay with us for updates....

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