Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More Trouble for Europe As 1,000 Syrian & Arab Migrants Rape German Women During New Year's Eve

THE Mayor of Cologne has blamed 90 women who claim they were raped or sexually assaulted on New Year's Eve by 1,000 men of "Arab or North African" appearance.

Henriette Reker said women need to adopt a "code of conduct" to prevent future attacks as she attended an emergency meeting with police and officials on Tuesday to discuss how best to deal with the crimes.

Her shocking comment came as police in Cologne hunt for the group of up to 1,000 “Arab and North African” men who seriously sexually assaulted about 90 women.
At least one woman in Cologne was reportedly raped and many were groped, including a volunteer policewoman.
Women were also targeted in Hamburg and Stuttgart in similar attacks, but on a smaller scale.
Victims had their underwear ripped from them, fingers inserted into orifices and their handbags rifled for valuables.
Police Chief Wolfgang Albers called the attacks "crime in a completely new dimension".  
But Ms Reker offered advice such as staying an arm's length away from strangers, as she said: "It is important to prevent such incidents from ever happening again."
Remaining with your own group and asking bystanders to intervene or to help as a witness were some of the other pieces of advice from the female mayor.
Women took to the streets to protest against the reaction to the mass assault

She said the code, which will be available online soon, was designed for young women and girls "so that such things do not happen to them".
Her words immediately provoked anger among Germans who said she appeared to be blaming the victims for the attacks.
And hundreds of people, mainly women, took to Cologne's street on Tuesday evening to call for action over the incident by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
With hundred of thousands of people expected on the streets in coming weeks for carnival celebrations Ms Reker said video monitoring of crowds is being considered.

CCTV cameras in the main station are being examined to try to identify the attackers although no footage has been released to the public. The attackers are described by police as being of North African or Arabic appearance.

Around 1,000 men fitting the description were at the station on New Year's Eve but police stressed they had no idea how many were offenders.
German police received numerous complaints from women who claimed they were assaulted around the city’s main train station last week.

Women are angry they have been blamed for the sexual assaults in Cologne
The group also robbed their victims and threw fireworks at a crowd of people, police said.
Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers said witnesses claimed a group of up to 1,000 men whose appearance indicated they were of “Arab or North African origin” committed the brutal assaults.
Around 90 criminal complaints have been filed so far including an allegation of rape.
Ms Reker – herself a victim of a racist stabbing by an anti-immigrant fanatic last year – earlier said people must not jump to conclusions the men were immigrants.

The incidents are "outrageous," Reker said. "It cannot be the case that visitors who come to Cologne have to live in fear of being attacked."
Officers are hunting around 1,000 'Arab and North African men
One of the victims – known only as Katja L – gave a chilling account of her ordeal.
She said: “When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group that met us there."
Katja claimed the group was "exclusively young foreign men".
She added: “We then walked through this group of men. There was an alley through [the men] which we walked through.”

The violated woman went on to describe the moment she “felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts”.
She said: “I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop. I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.
“Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. A skirt would probably have been torn away from me.”
Albers condemned the series of assaults as “an intolerable situation that such crimes are committed in the middle of the city”.

"I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop" - Katja L

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  1. Shame these women didn't have a basic human right that would allow themselves to be able to level the playing field. An armed woman, or better yet 90 armed women, are not easy to assault!