Saturday, January 30, 2016

Is This What Music Video Vixens Do?

Nqobile with @khloepatra

According to NGL, Nqobile has been in Lagos for 7 WEEKS joblessly jumping man to man every night shamelessly like a true South African girl. A DM stated she was flown in by Shina Peller of Quilox which is why she made an appearance in Eleniyan-Que Peller BUT DID NOT DANCE in the video & was not even a main video girl there.  As a professional dancer, what were you doing in Lagos for so long if you are doing silly cameos without pay from sleeping around with Shina & did not have any other gigs?

She is part of CEO dancers, the CEO is @ezinneiamceo who was actually here for work. She danced in Music Meets Runway at Eko, many video shoots, back up dancer & also does dance classes while this Nqobile is out sharing STD with Wizkid. Someone caught her snapchats with Wizkid to confirm the rumours.

See some screenshot evidence below:

Nqobile and Wizkid caught in the blue?

when she couldn't handle the exposure

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